CJ Biomaterials Names Harry Jang as New Chief Executive Officer

CJ Biomaterials Names Harry Jang as New Chief Executive Officer

CJ Biomaterials, Inc, a division of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang and a primary producer of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolymers, has named Harry Jang as its new Chief Executive Officer. As the head of CJ Biomaterials, Jang will oversee the company’s strategic direction, drive innovation in sustainable materials, and spearhead efforts to expand market presence and partnerships in the global bioplastics industry.

Jang joined CJ Biomaterials CheilJedang in 1995 and has taken over roles of increasing responsibility at CJ businesses around the world, working in Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Germany, and most recently, the United States. From 2020 to February 2024, he served as the CEO of CJ Biomaterials America, leading global sales, and operations for the amino acid portfolio. During his tenure, Jang helped CJ Biomaterials America to grow its business, including an expansion of operations at its Ft. Dodge, Iowa, production facility.

“Having had the opportunity to work across diverse markets worldwide, I understand the complexities and opportunities inherent in global business, and I am excited to leverage my international insights to continue to elevate CJ Biomaterials,” says Jang. “CJ Biomaterials has a talented team, and together we will navigate global markets with agility, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability to drive positive change in the bioplastics industry.”

CJ Biomaterials launched PHACT™, its first commercial PHA biopolymer, in 2022, produced at its world-class facility in Pasuruan, Indonesia. Derived from nature and produced sustainably, CJ Biomaterials’ PHA technology can be used as building blocks to replace and improve the functional characteristics of a broad range of polymers in the production of finished goods or as starting points for sustainable chemistry. PHAs work well as modifiers to other polymers or biopolymers and can increase bio-based content, accelerate biodegradation, and improve the functional properties of resins and finished products. As one of the leading companies that are capable of mass-producing PHA, CJ Biomaterials is committed to impactful action delivering eco-friendly solutions with its extensive PHA technology platform.

The Company continues to expand the use of its PHA technology to address the global plastic pollution challenge, most recently announcing the introduction of a PHA-based polybag.


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