Oil To Soaps, Small Business Ideas To Make You A Lot Of Money At Home

Oil To Soaps, Small Business Ideas To Make You A Lot Of Money At Home

Selling banana chips is a profitable business and no one company has a monopoly.

There are a lot of ways to make money in today’s times. There is one where a person takes up a job and works 5-6 days a week, and the other one is doing your own business. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of doing business has caught pace. If you also want to start your own business, then we have got many business ideas for you that you can start at home and make a lot of money.

These businesses can easily be started with a small capital and you need not invest a lot in huge inventories or be worried about renting a place. With hard work and dedication, you can surely make them work.

Earning big profits from the small oil business

Cooking oils are a lot in demand and the oil business is always believed to be a very profitable business. There are portable machines available in the market which makes it easier for humans and requires less labour. These oil expellers come at a cost of around Rs 2 lakh, while the entire setup will cost you from Rs 3-4 lakh. If you directly contact a farmer and get the required raw material and start the work of extraction then the oil business can help you make a huge sum of profit.

The business of soaps can also brighten your luck

You will be amazed to know that soap can also prove to be a mind-blowing business for you. Soap is a basic need for every household, thus the demand for soaps will always be there in the market. Let us tell you that you can start this business even at a low cost. The government also provides loans for such businesses under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. The soap business gives a margin of about 15-30%.

Banana chips can also make you loads of money

Banana chips have become very popular among youth as it is healthy and tasty both. The main thing about this business is no one company has a monopoly. Most local brands sell banana chips. Thus you can start this business by investing in small machines as well. You can easily set up a small unit for about Rs 1.25 lakh. The estimated cost of making 50 kg chips is Rs 3,200 and one pack of chips weighing a kg will cost you Rs 70 including packing expenses. You can easily sell it for Rs 90-100 per kg in the market.

The flour business is also profitable

This is another kind of business that can help you make a considerable amount of money. After the COVID-19 period, people have become very conscious about their eating habits. Thus, this particular business can help you fulfil your dream of making money. Under this, the normal wheat can be converted into a nutritious one after doing some value addition. For this, at first, the wheat is germinated, after which it is ground with drumstick leaves, oats, fenugreek, Ashwagandha and cinnamon. This process can easily be carried out at home. This business can get you a profit up to Rs 10 per kg. To start this business, you first have to register yourself with the Khadi and Village Industries Commission and get a licence from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.


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