Panasonic launches made-in-India refrigerators

Panasonic launches made-in-India refrigerators

Panasonic’s new range of refrigerators feature higher capacities, bottom-mounted freezer

Panasonic unveiled its latest range of refrigerators manufactured in India. These new models, part of Panasonic’s Prime Convertible series, feature higher capacities and a bottom-mounted freezer design.

The range, available in capacities of 401 and 357 litres, starts at Rs 55,490. Panasonic has also introduced a budget-friendly 260-litre frost-free refrigerator, with prices starting at Rs 23,490.

The bottom-mounted freezer models are equipped with an electronic display and control panel, a Prime Fresh Zone in the fridge compartment,expandable storage that allows conversion of the Prime Fresh Zone and the freezer into fridge mode to increase storage space for food items.

Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing India, said, “Based on the identified consumer concerns, we have engineered and designed our new range of refrigerators in India featuring our advanced proprietary technologies that alleviate the everyday hassle of our consumers. I am delighted to share that these refrigerators have been manufactured in India, exemplifying Panasonic’s commitment to the Make in India agenda. With this launch, we are aiming for double-digit growth in the refrigerator segment in FY2023–24.”

The range is available at Panasonic brand outlets, D2C platform (, retail stores, and e-commerce platforms.

The shares were up by 0.31 per cent to Rs 342 at 1 pm on the BSE.


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